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    Baby care

    With the birth of each child mothers have many questions on the care of the newborn by month. And rightly so! After all, the child's health from the conception up to the age of reason is completely dependent on their parents. Being in your tummy, the child was under heavy guard placenta, which protects it from viruses and infections.

    Baby care

    Hygienic care of the newborn child - this is where should now start your day. After the first few months your baby will be an intense period of adaptation to the environment, and daily hygiene to help the child overcome his painful.

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On the basis

The need for communication, for emotional encouragement compels the child to purposeful concentration and storing.Game situation and actions in it make continuous impact on development of cerebration of the child of preschool age.In game the child learns to act with the deputy a subject it gives to the deputy the new game name and operates with it according to the name.The subject deputy becomes a support for thinking.On the basis of actions from a subject mideputies the child learns to think about a real subject.Gradually game actions with subjects are reduced, the child learns to think about subjects and to operate with them in the intellectual plan.

Majority of children

to speak dump more precisely asks.Majority of children of younger school age,and that are more senior, too, perceive a dump asplace, in many respects the attractive.I Discrepancy of this place uniting many ~polozhny properties, it is found out already that, on the one hand, give rise ~body usually forbid children to go on a dustbin on own ~well, and with another them there send, as garbage can carrying outenters into a circle of household chores of many children of school age.The child, being by the nature in some respects ~telny the adult see , quickly notices that the dustbin isthe center of interests of several groups of the urban population, each ofwhich ~ there actively looks for.

At cast

As it appeared, children of five openly found seven years claim on leadership only in experiment situations.At cast by each child in the presence of the interested contemporaries the part of children offers a leading role to another unconditionally, the part of children declares the right to a leading role.The majority at cast operates indirectly the child, using the right to cast, chooses another, but thus tries to secure with the promise that that in turn will choose it.Experience of relationship of children with each other leads to development of ability to introspection and a reflection.

– They approach

– Charles, shake off a table, Charles, shake off itself, Charles, shake off me, Charles, shake off it, Charles, shake off it.– Charles, shake off itself, – We greet the teacher, we greet you, we greet them, we greet it, we greet it.– You put a chair near a wall, you put us near a wall, you put it near a wall, you put them near a wall.– They approach to chairs, they approach to them.– I distribute the vases, one, one you, one it, three of.– Louis, order it, order me, order them, let all children will execute your order.

Borja costs

Cooking runs, without having managed to receive cookies I here, I here, I on minute left.Gives to the experimenter the ticket.Borja costs at buffet, buys and eats cookies.G and l I.And I want to eat, and to me as to buy or that to me Borja with laughter.To buy from itself and to pay to itself.Galya laughs, but takes at once two kopeks and buys from itself two slices, explaining to the experimenter at whom all the time looks They already time bought.So game proceeds still some time.Then children leave on walk.On D.B.Elkonin's materials.The developed transfer of human relations in game learns the child to submit to certain rules.

Also rough

It is proved also that in the first days newborns can watch slowly moving light source.Also rough and food reflexes easily are caused.The touch to corners of lips, to cheeks causes search reaction in the hungry child the child turns a head towards an irritant, opens a mouth.IFig.The germ sucks a hand thumb Except listed, some more congenital reactions are found in the child a sosatelny reflex the child now starts to suck enclosed to it in a mouth a subject; the tseplyatelny reflex a touch to a palm causes skhvatyvaniye reaction; a reflex of pushing away crawling at a touch to soles of feet and some other reflexes.

It seemed

To us was on ~ years.Sometimes we gathered a small group, carefullycame into a front door and went down on three steps down to heavy, fetterediron of a door of a cellar.If it was slightly opened, we stood a little ~ at this dark crack also listened attentively to a strange gurgling of water in depthcellar.It was very terrible to push the head in this crack.Yes anybody notdid.It seemed that the iron door will be closed at once and the head remains in ~le, and body outside.Then we hasty ran out back in a yard.Forevercontrast between heat which was exhaled by all subjects on the street was remembered,and ice penetrating dampness of an entrance in a cellar.

For their

Out of door at the age from five till nine years terrible places for usthere were cellars.For their research we, boys, gathered the biggroups.Armed with sticks, stones, took more small lamps and wentthere.And the group accurately shared at once on fear degree the most courageousaverage went in advance with lamps slightly behind, and the pants strongly behindalso did not move away far from an entrance.It turned out that the group route on a cellar was accurately designated the boy ~ with small lamps.Each of them could not move further ~ the limitand, having reached it, remained on a place, but did not come back back, to the usual world.


Development of any, deliberate imagination the same as development of any forms of attention and memory, is one of the parties of the general process of formation of speech regulation of behavior of the child.Statement of the purpose and the management of creation of a plan in productive kinds of activity are carried out by means of speech.Questions for repetition of the fifth section What specifics of development of speech at preschool age What functions of speech develop especially fully at preschool age What features of touch development of the preschool child How perception actions develop How orientation in space develops How orientation in time develops How the perception of drawing develops What features of development of thinking of the preschool child How the figurative thinking of the preschool child develops How there is a development of cogitative actions of the preschool child How there is an assimilation of logic forms of thinking How the involuntary attention develops What conditions of formation of any attention How involuntary memory of the preschool child develops What features of any memory at preschool age What specifics of imagination of the child preschool child with Practical task ' Carefully think over, what supervision and experiments can be carried out for establishment of a level of development of informative processes of children of preschool age.

It is impossible

Is quick to grasp people speak.The exercises actuating intellectual mechanisms, can be made only in a selftraining mode.It is impossible for other person, being engaged instead of us, to improve our abilities.Touch exercises awaken children's activity, strengthen it.Having isolated separate feeling and separate incentive, the child receives the clear, realized impression.Feeling of heat, cold, roughness, smoothness, weight, ease.He hears noise; in almost absolute silence, having closed eyes, hears a voice whispering a word.It is the outside world it is knocked on his soul, awakening it.

But this

Than more variously the predmetno~prostranstvenny surrounding the childand social in the form of children's community Wednesday, the more interesting itcan find for itself outside.But this environment also can appear andthe poor.For example, daily children leave to walk in the same pooryard and ~ constantly ~ are occupied and ~ for them there occurs.The child usually finds balance in each situation meanwhile that givesto it Wednesday, and that it puts in it.When Wednesday is poor, the childtries to finish it to level accepted for it attractively ~.

Also it was necessary

And you – in cent of this surprising world, and it rotates round you … Word of honor there was time, when you not doubted it.And did not think – and what for – at you was big fine work to raise and last to a maturity.Also it was necessary so much to learn, and so many to learn! There is no time to think, do it is necessary, – as one wise kid told.And adults to you seemed wizards because they are able all.To shine darkness including any bulbs to kindle fire under any torch to create falls having touched the crane hand.

Big windows

Gardens, platforms in the open air are recognized today necessary for physical wellbeing of the child.Big windows open access to light streams, everywhere will meet the gyms which have been specially equipped, spacious and expensive.The chairs which are very difficult, the real mechanisms from a tree and iron, with supports for feet, with rotating seats, help to save at the same time strengths of the child and to correct the deformations of a backbone connected with an immovability of a body.

This senseit

Distinctions between them are putin principles of association of a material.Selection of treasures is defined individual, ~ ~nostny sense which each bagatelle has for the child.This senseit is intimate it po~nastoyashchy is not realized by the child, is equal as itit is impossible to decipher up to the end to the extraneous person.It foreverremains personal secret.In a basis of a collection it is always put certain, let and imperfect, ~tellektualno~logichesky principle of selection of a material.

If you are concerned

DEVELOPMENT STAGES to HAVNEDEL Peremeny in the child which you can notice Physical development it is long is awake during the daySense organs and reflexes Intellectual development watches a subject from an eye corner to the average line of a body is interested in sounds can touch a hand of the adultSocial development quickens with approach of the person Each kid is individual and can carry out some actions earlier or later, than it is done by other children.If you are concerned rates of development of the kid, discuss it with the WEEKWHAT the NEW OCCURRED ON the th WEEK Zasypaniye ritual By seventh week of life the physical condition of the kid is stabilized.


Nouns are displayed on a table, and adjectives lie in a disorder.The pupil selects to each noun that adjective which, in his opinion, approaches, and puts the chosen card nearby.Sometimes the neighbourhood appears such improper that the child himself starts to laugh loudly.Children try to pick up as much as possible adjectives to one noun, create the most different combinations.Exercise can be carried out individually and collectively.On one table put nouns, on another adjectives.

So, Igor

Words are easily remembered when pictures are remembered.When storing according to pictures children of fivesix years correlate both on the basis of similarity, and by contrast! At the same time the most part of children of this age already aspires to a pripominaniye of words without a nazyvaniye of basic images.However the difficulty at a pripominaniye compelled children to address again to pictures.So, Igor I.,, having remembered three words from total number set, told I forgot, what words still were, and according to pictures I know.It is possible to remember according to pictures Andryusha , I at first thought, what words were called, remembered them, but not all.

It is necessary

However according to principles of mental hygiene freedom of movement is not limited to freedom somatic, impellent.We speak about children, as about puppies and kittens.Small animals too are free to run and jump in park and on a meadow together with children and just as they.And here impellent freedom for a bird assumes other conditions.It is necessary to offer a bird a branch or a stick a support for the pads which have not been adapted for walking on the ground.Provide to a bird freedom of movements on the flat plain, and she feels unfortunate.Think, if different conditions for freedom of movement are necessary to a bird and a snake, unless we are not mistaken, offering the same form of freedom to children and kittens.


Source of the visual and acoustical impressions necessary for normal development of nervous system and sense organs of the child, and that is even more important the adult becomes the organizer of such impressions.The adult brings subjects to a child's face, inclines the person, talks to the child, thereby intensifying his rough reactions.Development of the emotional sphere.Revival complex.The newborn begins the life with shout which in the first days has bezuslovnoreflektorny character.The first shout result glottis spasms.

We will be trained! What

Only that here it is necessary to make – to release the imagination and imagination.We will be trained! What to do, if at your imagination target It is necessary it is flight to organize.Certainly, violent methods of type the frowned forehead and give properly to think hardly will help.On the contrary, than more you will be to try, forcing itself something to compose, the more slowly and more boringly your thoughts will spread.Not without reason speak about flight! You really should release on freedom the imagination to allow it to go there, where it will want, instead of where you demand.There are different ways themselves.

For example, jealously

Told allows to understand above, why so painfully reactsthe child on some situations.For example, jealously preserves the ~, even when in it put only for one night of the young guest, having sent ~the lenky owner in other place, and it disturbed, comes to checkvery early, whether there will be inadvertently a guest forever, and tries ~to yard it to remove.Here it is important to parents to consider children's psychology, to bevery careful also is diplomatically thin to organize a situation, thatthe child did not feel unfortunate and forced out from the is lawful ~ places.

Display of treasures

Of it do not brag before Wad Dra ~gy as happens to collections of more senior children.Display of treasures evento the closest people to parents some kind of sacrament.It is more often about ~proceeds at the initiative of the interested parents who would like at ~to be sheathed to undercover values of the children.The child concedes their desire ~holes, but thus attentively and jealously watches reaction of adults do not givegod, they ~ will belittle or will underestimate that is so expensive to the child.

Sometime, in future

What will you do Simply will not begin these to be engaged Or recognize, what sometimes it is necessary to force the child Obviously, all these doubts are connected with various interpretations of a principle of freedom declared as a fundamental principle of my pedagogical system.At me all these fears raise more likely a smile.Sometime, in future reprintings of this the book, it will be possible not to discuss any more similar questions.However today they are still actual, so, I should comment on a situation.It is necessary to admit, give a direct, clear, irrefragable answer it is hard.We discuss such global problems concerning which everyone has the established opinion.

Therefore, despite

SPb prod.The European House, in turn, are connected with the dukhovno~nravstvenny bases nationalconcepts of the human world.Therefore, despite all reservations, I rest ~ in the economic reasons shortage of a rolling stock, etc., grew ~the siysky transport which has been closely hammered by people, with ~ ~the sky point of view it is very traditional.Foreigners from the West are easily identified in our transport on a basisthat they need more place.They, on the contrary, try not to admitanother's person too close let's to it get into the personalspace also try to preserve it as can place hands more widely andfeet, hold a big distance at an entrance and an exit, try to avoidcasual corporal contacts with others.


If the kid has some of the listed symptoms or you believe that to the child sick, urgently call the pediatrist.The doctor will advise to you as it is better to operate in the WEEK Intestinal impassability What is such.Intestinal impassability this complete or partial violation of passing of food on a digestive path.Symptoms of intestinal impassability can be bellyache and its swelling; nausea; vomiting; weakness; decrease or total absence of audibility of intestinal noise; diarrhea at partial impassability; lack of a chair at full impassability.

In this

Kto~to will go to the same stop longer way if only to goon a beautiful path between lilac bushes, instead of near a dustbin.And ~ will specially lay a route through a dustbin that, passingby, at least inadvertently to look whether there is no there ~ interestin thatwas not yesterday.In this role there can be a younger school student, the old man orthe builder of a country house at everyone is possible own interest,though they it is far not a scum of society spending the time on dustbins.As the reader remembers, in R.Hert's researches children noted on carat ~ small town all the movings during the day.

With what

Who did not see the boy skipping astride a father's cane, also urgingforward racer Here it is children's imagination.With what pleasure children make a magnificent vehicle of chairs and chairs.One, having stretched inside, with pleasure examines the imagined village, clapping crowd, other players, leaning about backs of chairs, whip by air, allegedly adjusting the excited horses.However we will observe children from rich families.They have quiet ponies, they are carried often in crews and cars.Small misters with some contempt look at the boy, whichskips astride a stick.They are surprised, seein as the horseman who is carried by motionless chairs is happy.

Give reference

To us – to trust.Be not afraid, I with you … If for one reason or another you hand over the child in others hands, he will worry.But in your forces to make so, that the such experiences passed quicker and did not leave in mentality deep hems.First, it is important to child to understand that it do not throw.Prepare.Secondly, to be sure that it remember and love.Hold contact.Thirdly, not to doubt that you will return, and the nobility, when.Give reference points.It is important to child to understand that it do not throw.To separation – we prepare Small children often perceive absence of parents as punishment.

The pupil

Movings As always, the child makes the first phrase of a big card, and then only changes a card with an adverb and observes, how the sense of the offer changes.Let's try to take away at first qualitative adverbs from two pair offers.Go to a door slowly.Go to a door carefully.Go to a door.The pupil every time can execute only the same action.Only the adverb indicates to us feature of action, defines its quality.We return adverbs in offers, and the child should move differently slowly or carefully.

Free, democratic

Where all was smothered live, all reasonably conceiving there was not and there could not be a place to cares of children, of their physical and spiritual development.Free, democratic Russia in the construction of new, free life should take care first of all of weakest of weak The care of mother and the child steadily grows in the USSR every year, the system of preschool education develops, on the maintenance of preschool institutions funds will be assigned large public.Special laws and resolutions provide expansion of a network of child care facilities, strengthening of their economic base, increase in financial support to large families.

It will

Kapkap, LYaNLYaP For this occupation it is desirable to take multicolored sheets of paper but if is not present near at hand, will descend also white.So, take paper and paints from three pieces to.yes how many want.Paints in tubes so without using a brush more conveniently to dig out mood on paper.It will be quite good, if paints appear bright, brilliant.Suggest the child something to draw.If itself does not draw, you begin, and he will become interested and you will join.After all it is so simple and even it is amusing to drive a tube on a leaf or to drip on this leaf from a color tube.

It appeared, it is necessary

No, I thought, who told – the good fellow and who listened – that had a rest that it to praise.It appeared, it is necessary what to praise the child because he lives life of the fantastic hero – wandered, got to scrapes and got out together with them.Certainly, from the same good fellow, as Ivan Tsarevitch or Vasilisa Premudraya.So, you chose the hero, you opened fantastic doors … Well, and further – that And further action, a fantastic plot begins.In principle, the subject scheme of all fairy tales is very simple The hero, the ordinary person, receives someone magic, with something the magic gets acquainted Goes somewhere itself or on someone's task Meets tests gets to alterations Wins and wins the prize Comes back already another, changed, and often happens that it changes to unrecognizability.

They were

Certainly, the short description does not give complete idea of a lesson.I spoke mandative toneBring to me! Bring to me! Children crowded round me, listening spellbound to me, as puppies who wait when the owner will throw them a stick.They were ready to rush behind any subject as the dog rushes behind a ball, but there was no word.Bring to me! I shouted impatiently.Brin at last! I want! Baby faces brightened, the laughter was heard.That What do you want What should we bring Here real lesson of a subject noun.Then I said a word sweet.

They tick. And from

And can be so the kid began

My first fairy tales Children early start to try to create the fairy tales Years to two and a half – three they very unpretentious, created from ready schemes which the kid remembered earlier.And can be so the kid began the fairy tale, and suddenly any word, to it told, generates in a children's head any associations … and stands out the following block … from the old familiar fairy tale.Once upon a time there was such flower, a porozhnik plantain … in the wood … on to path … on a path … hare I will eat you! – … You do not eat me, I to you will sing a song … And though as that development of action there is not present, and a plot very it is strange, but thanks to such creativity the kid learns to use earlier acquired words and phrases; trains coherently to think and coherently to speak.

It is very

– And what with spots it is necessary to do It is clear to clean off, wash.Here and subject for your fairy tale, here and a plot.Think up two – three heroes – and in a way to wash on the spot sun.The sun you mine …, – is told by us to the kids.And hearing the fairy tale on the sun which do not condemn for that on it appeared spots, and love and help, the child tries on this relation on itself.It is very important, that ours the sun since the early childhood know even with spots shortcomings and mistakes we love them not less, than chishchenny and washed.There is a lot of proverbs that, perhaps, there is no vital situations that though one any did not approach.

The creative

Therefore, helps to collect a material for imagination.The creative imagination cannot lean only on .It not infinite heap of images of light, color, sounds.It is the design which has been directly connected with reality.And the communication with forms of the outside world is closer, the value of creativity is higher.Even representing unreal,the superhuman world, imagination remains in the borders reminding of reality.The person creates but on an example of divine creation in which it financially also is spiritually shipped.


But the occasion properly to think at you by all means will appear.You can write down children's version of the fairy tale on the tape recorder certainly if the child is not against, and then together once again to hear.And still.Council If at you therein though listenings, though most writing or drawing there will be questions – show all step, of which are capable.Questions set not importunately and never insist, if the person does not want to answer.Perhaps the kid also finds it difficult to answer, and here the one who is more senior, will fall silent intends.

Saying houses

In about ~sty and, apparently, habitual actions at once ~ unforeseen difficulties.I To travel alone always risky.After all in a way of peopleit is open in relation to any accidents and it is at the same time deprived ~ habitual environment.Saying houses and walls help psychologists ~ it is exact.As we already discussed in , at home or in well familiar,constantly repeating situations human I materialize myselfin various forms that gives persons feeling of a set of the externalthe support telling to her stability.


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